Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz Watch

Hamilton PSR

The Hamilton PSR is a stylish, nostalgic watch that won’t break the bank. It’s simple, yet modern and a great conversation starter.

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer watch on a green nato strap

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer

The Hamilton Pilot Pioneer is a perfect example of a classic military pilot watch that has been updated for modern tastes. It’s hard not to like.

The Hamilton Pilot Date Date automatic watch on a steel bracelet

Hamilton Pilot Day Date Auto

The Hamilton Pilot Day Date found fame for appearing in the movie Interstellar, but is this modern aviation watch a blockbuster hit? Let’s find out!

The Hamilton Khaki Field Watch with a black dial and brown leather strap

Hamilton Khaki Field

The Hamilton Khaki Field is the standard that most other field watches are judged by. This popular Swiss-made watch is rugged, reliable, and affordable.